Apple, Nike, Coke, KFC, McDonald’s, Dominos and Cartoon Network. What do these brands have in common? Aside from being immensely successful in their respective fields, they have very prominent logos. In fact, as you were reading those names out, we are sure you also imagined the logos. Recollecting the logo design, brand colors and brand products is very easy for brands such as these. That is the secret of almost all successful brands. These companies have spent millions perfecting their logos and creating their image in the market. Even the minutest design elements of their logos form a subliminal connection with their target audience.

Brand does not make the logo!

Your logo will define your brand identity, it will directly affect the buyer psyche, and it will ultimately determine the conversion rate (and profit). An excellent logo has the potential to help you reach out to markets in foreign lands and acquire new customers without difficulty. A poor logo design, on the other hand, can break the friendly relationship that you already have with your customers. Logos are more than your signature. It should reflect trust, value, quality, and reliability. So, unless your logo does the following things, you need to consider a redesign soon:

A company is as good or as non-existent as its logo. People would just not know Coca-Cola worldwide without the signature red and white combination. Just change the shade of red and people will struggle to recognize the brand.

Research shows that a simple change in logo color or typography can affect the recognition of a company and its sales adversely. Check out for more information on logos, redesigns and brand identity.

Author Bio – Barrack Diego is a web developer and UI/UX specialist at He works at a design, branding and marketing firm, having founded the same firm 9 years ago. He likes to share knowledge and points of view with other developers and consumers on platforms.

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