Made in Nepal robots are serving food at this Kathmandu restaurant

A Kathmandu restaurant, first digitalised robotic restaurant in Nepal, is operating with the help of five robot waiters.

n Nepal there is a restaurant using robots as waiters to serve the food.

A newly-launched restaurant in Kathmandu is running with robot waiters under the slogan “where the food meets technology”.

The Naulo Restaurant, where “naulo” means new in Nepali, operates with the help of five robots. Three robots are named Ginger and two others are named Ferry.

These robots are designed and manufactured by Paaila Technology which is a Nepali company established by six young engineers. They specialise in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).


The Naulo Restaurant at Capital Mall, Durbar Marg has a menu embedded in digital screens which are installed in the tables.

From there, the orders are placed and received directly by the kitchen cutting the need of a human variable to note the orders and give it to the kitchen.

After the food is ready, the robots collect the dishes from the kitchen counter and approach towards a customer’s table.

This is the first time in the Himalayan country that a restaurant has used “Made in Nepal” robots as servers.


Robot Ginger is powered with swarm intelligence, speech recognition, natural language processing, auto-dock ability, among others. The robot also cracks jokes and answers basic IQ questions in both English and Nepali.

Paaila Technology entered the hospitality sector after the operation of its first humanoid robot named Pari stationed in a branch of Nepal SBI Bank.
Pari has been deployed in the digital branch of the bank known as inTouch branch, which functions as a source of information and guides customers.

The robot started work by greeting customers with “Good afternoon. Welcome to Nepal SBI InTouch”.

The Naulo Restaurant is a brainchild of the Nepalese robotics and AI company Paaila Technology which has spent 15 million Nepalese rupees (Rs 1 crore roughly) on research and development in the last few years to turn the dream into reality.

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